Be swept away by this charming ristorante along the corner street Shaw Centre, which serves reimagined classic Italian dishes in a comfortable yet modern setting.
The Cuisine
“It’s about cooking from the soul”
Chef Dalton, Head Chef
Respecting the natural flavours of ingredients is vital when creating each and every dish on the menu. A harmonious balance of flavours has to be struck within the dish, and finished off with a generous serving of Soul, which leaves a little extra something on the palate. Guest dining with us will be able to savour Chef Dalton’s modern interpretation of classic Italian dishes highlighting a beautiful range of seasonal produces sourced from all around the world.
The Experience
“It’s about making each and every guests feel at home”
Benedict Lee, Restaurant Manager & Sommelier
The journey of our guest begins right from the time we open the doors right to the point when they take their leave. Soak up the sincere and convivial style of service that aims at making each of our guest feel right at home in an elegant yet comfortable setting.